Charter “ELINE” X-Yachts X65

Welcome aboard ELINE, perfect luxurious yacht to experience the thrill of sailing while relaxing in the idyllic cruising waters of Croatia. This beautifully kept X-yachts X65 is the perfect choice for a group of friends, family or couple wanting to escape to another world.

Have you ever dreamt of cruising the stunning coastline of Croatia? Sailing on a high performance sailing yacht that glides effortlessly over the sun-kissed waters? Forget about a bareboat charter without a crew and pamper yourself aboard one of the most luxury charter sailboats in Croatia.

On ELINE you get two professional crew who will look after you and the boat at all times. Your crew will make sure that holiday is all you dreamt of.

Charter Eline

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Slavka Nikolića 39
51500 Krk Croatia